Ten Laws for every Leader – Part 2

The leader sets the example

The leader sets the example

Most of us have heard, at one time or another that at 211 degrees water is hot.  At 212 degrees, it boils.  The difference is only 1 degree, but it makes all the difference.  Perhaps there isn’t a single item that will make or break your organization, church or company than the quality of its leadership.  The subject of Leadership is a passion of mine because I realize its impact and value.

Last time we tackled the first five laws that every leader must follow.  This time we will conclude with the remaining five.  Study all ten over and over!  Let them soak up your mind and emotions until they lead you to change.  Teach them to your staff and key leaders!  It will revolutionize their thinking and lift them to a new dimension!

The remaining five laws are as follows:

6) The leader sets the example by being out front

A true leader recognizes the need to be out in front.  I am not speaking of the spotlight, I am speaking however, about their personal and professional life as a leader.  They have to be growing more, learning more, reading more and becoming more.  They have to dream bigger, plan better and strategize more often.  The leader recognizes that the team will be limited to the leader’s growth!  If you’re a leader…get out in front!

7)  The leader displays a commitment to integrity and character

President Dwight D. Eisenhower expressed his opinion of integrity this way:  “In order to be a leader, a man must have followers.  And to have followers, a man must have their confidence.  Hence, the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably integrity.  Without it, no real success is possible.”  People must trust you, if you expect them to climb with you!

8)  The Leader has excellence in all things

When it comes to excellence, the leader must lead the way!  I love the saying “If better is possible, then good is not enough.”  The Leader must pursue excellence (in all things) because the quality of the team and the success of his or her efforts are depending on it.

9)  The leader has a commitment to personal growth

Did you know that 85% of all people who purchase personal improvement books never finish them.  For those of you who are in the ministry, you will find it interesting to know that only 7% of all Pastors will read one or more books during a period of one year on the subject of leadership.  Leaders are learners!  Read books, listen to tapes, attend seminars and submit yourself to a mentor.  Whatever the cost, chart your course for personal growth.

10)  The leader has persistence and determination

People don’t follow quitters…they follow people who can stick it out!  Leaders have to possess the ability to make it through the tough times.  You can’t climb a smooth mountain, it has to have the jagged edges.  The Leader understands the mountains he or she climbs will have some sharp edges, but they keep climbing and they never ever quit!
If you follow these laws you will never lack people to follow you!

Until next time,

Chris Sonksen


“You are today, where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”
James Allen


About Chris Sonksen

Chris Sonksen is the founder and Lead Pastor of South Hills Church and has an exceptional ability to inspire both secular and non-secular audiences. Under his leadership, South Hills has experienced phenomenal growth and in just a few short years has grown from a handful of people to nearly 3000 in attendance today. Today South Hills has become a thriving, multi-service and multi-site church. Chris has a magnetic, captivating and humorous style for motivating and inspiring all audiences. As a motivational speaker, he has spoken both nationally and internationally in companies such as Verizon, Securitas and Home Depot, and there is no doubt that by applying his teachings, his audience will improve the quality of their lives! Chris is the author of two books In Search of Higher Ground and Handshake. Chris is the founder of Celera Church Strategy Group an organization with an unwavering commitment to excellence in all things, with the goal to “raise the national average of church attendance,” by equipping church leaders with resources and coaching. Chris brings high-energy focus and a passion for vision and leadership to encourage and equip the local Church. Chris is a native Californian, born in Long Beach and currently resides in Corona with his wife, Laura and their two children, Grace and Aidan.

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