Ten laws for every Leader – Part 1

  “Dream big,  people don’t follow small dreams.”

“Dream big, people don’t follow small dreams.”

Perhaps one of the greatest topics love to study is the subject of Leadership.  I am fascinated how the Creator has always chosen leaders to get the job done.  Every great country has had, at one time or another, a great leader.  Moments in history have usually been the result of some leader, somewhere, doing something.  Behind every great company, organization, church or institution you will find a great leader.  It has been said that “Great leaders build great things.  Average leaders build average things.  Poor leaders let things drift.”  As straight forward as this may sound it is a fact…everything rises and falls on leadership.

I have listed below the first five laws for every leader to follow.  (I will give you the remaining five next time)  Place your life and leadership up against these laws and see how you do.  Teach them to your staff and key leaders and challenge them to become the kind of leader who lives out the following laws.

1)  The leader must have a dream larger than those they lead

2)  The leader must have an attitude superior to those he or she leads
The true leader recognizes the need for a winning attitude.  Remember that you are setting the temperature for your work environment.  Make it positive and full of energy.  A positive attitude is contagious but a negative attitude is even more contagious…so be careful.

3)  The leader looks outside the window when things go right, but looks in the mirror when things go wrong
Be the first to admit if you have made a mistake.  If something goes wrong, learn from it and move on.  However, if something goes right, give away the credit.  Add value to people and they in return will add value to you!

4)  The leader is a decision maker
If the leader can’t navigate the people through rough waters, he is liable to sink the ship.  The fact is the leader must be able to make the tough decision.  People won’t follow a person who is too insecure to make a decision.

5)  The leader puts those he or she leads first
You will never go wrong as a leader when you put the other person’s needs first.  Love on the people you lead, be mindful of their needs, encourage often, be willing to put the individual before yourself.  Do this and you will gain a loyalty from them, in which you have never experienced.

Well there you have it!  The first five laws of great leadership.  Go back and read through them one more time.  Meditate on them!  Think about how you can apply these laws to your life this week and watch what they will do.

Until next time,

Chris Sonksen

Quote for the day

“It is the capacity to develop and improve their skills that distinguishes leaders from their followers…successful leaders are learners.”                                                                                                                       Warren Bennis


About Chris Sonksen

Chris Sonksen is the founder and Lead Pastor of South Hills Church and has an exceptional ability to inspire both secular and non-secular audiences. Under his leadership, South Hills has experienced phenomenal growth and in just a few short years has grown from a handful of people to nearly 3000 in attendance today. Today South Hills has become a thriving, multi-service and multi-site church. Chris has a magnetic, captivating and humorous style for motivating and inspiring all audiences. As a motivational speaker, he has spoken both nationally and internationally in companies such as Verizon, Securitas and Home Depot, and there is no doubt that by applying his teachings, his audience will improve the quality of their lives! Chris is the author of two books In Search of Higher Ground and Handshake. Chris is the founder of Celera Church Strategy Group an organization with an unwavering commitment to excellence in all things, with the goal to “raise the national average of church attendance,” by equipping church leaders with resources and coaching. Chris brings high-energy focus and a passion for vision and leadership to encourage and equip the local Church. Chris is a native Californian, born in Long Beach and currently resides in Corona with his wife, Laura and their two children, Grace and Aidan.

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